How to get 5000 friends without getting blocked by Facebook

The world is increasingly becoming a global village, and social media is right at the central of things. Facebook is a popular social platforms that allow you to make new friends from different places all over the world. On this social media platform, you can interact, share pictures and learn about different cultures from your newly found online friends.

To communicate with friends on Facebook, you need to create a user account, fill in your details, upload a few photos if you like and set about sending friendship requests to your friends. Sending friendship requests to your close friends is the normal way of building up the number of friends on Facebook but it’s not the best method if you want to create large numbers.

Facebook pegs the maximum number of friendship requests that an individual can send at about 20 invites on any particular day. Exceeding this set number of friendship requests might result in a temporary ban or a total closure of the account. If you plan to build a huge online following and reach the 5000 Facebook friends maximum limit, you need to know how to get 5000 friends without getting blocked by Facebook.

In order to achieve this feat, you would need to send friendship invitations to a large a number of people using their email addresses. The invite your friends provision on Facebook can be exploited properly to invite up to 5000 friends without jeopardizing your account.

You need to acquire the 5000 email addresses, from unique email address generating sites such as

On your favorite browser, sign into your Facebook account. Then log onto and click on the green button labeled generate emails list. The button opens email list generator.

On the email generator, choose the number of friends you want to invite, in this case, 5000 friends, select their gender and their home country.

Enter the Captcha image shown on the left side, into the space provided and click on the green button labeled generate. The email generator displays the message – list generated successfully.

Copy the emails list using the keyboard shortcut Control +C or using the right-click button on your mouse.

Scroll down the page and click on the blue button labeled invite friends. Alternatively paste into your browser

Clicking the blue button or posting the URL on your browser opens a new window of your Facebook account.

Post the 5000 email addresses in the TO field of the invite your friends section. You can type an optional message in the message box in order to elicit a positive response from the email recipients.

Compose your message, and then click on the blue button labeled invite friends.

You have successfully sent friendship requests to more than 20 people in a day without getting into trouble with Facebook. However, do not send more than one email invitation in a day.

After sending the emails inviting them to be your friends on Facebook, people will send you friendship request to which you will accept. If the total number doesn’t get to 5000, repeat the process until you reach your target. And that’s how to get 5000 friends without getting blocked by Facebook.