How To Delete My Email From Facebook Login Page

Your email address will typically be a ‘log in‘ requirement for Facebook along with your password. Although, the password will only be saved along with your user/email ID if you were to check the option for “keep me logged in“, the username will be saved in any case. So, here are some pertinent answers to the questions, “how to delete my email from Facebook login page“.

Why would you need to remove an email id from the log in page?

These are four scenarios in which people explore the options available to delete an email ID from the Facebook log in page:

Multiple accounts: If you have more than one Facebook account, you will find that each one of these gets stored on the Facebook log in page, so when you want to sign up, you get a dropdown menu from which you need to choose the log in email that you want to use. Now, this can be convenient or annoying, depending on whether the other accounts are still in use and their purpose.

Multiple users: If you have one computing gadget on the home front and all your family members are using FB, you are bound to have as many email IDs stored on the Facebook log in page.

Public device: If you are using a public device, the last thing you want to do is leave your log in information, such as your email ID on the computer, from where it could be accessed by all and sundry.

Access to device no longer possible: Finally, one last situation where you may be keen to remove your email from the log in form is if you are disposing a certain device off. With this information set in the browser, the new owner could certainly get his/her hands on it if it isn’t deleted.

How To Delete My Email From Facebook Login Page: Browser settings

Browsers have varying methods for removing automatic form data and browsing history. Here is a look at the process that can be followed with 3 popular browsers.

Internet Explorer

• On the top right hand side, you should spot the tab that reads “tools“.
• Click on it to access the drop down menu which has the choice “Internet Options” and click again.
• In the window that opens up, you will find a tab called “general“, go to this and click
• You will see the section for “browsing history“. Here, you will need to check the delete browsing history box.
• Now click the button which says “delete“. A a box will open up with various options. In this find the one that reads “form data“. Click on the tiny square field right before it and a check mark will appear in it.
• Uncheck any other options to ensure that these don’t get deleted.
• Go to the end of the window screen. Here, you will see “delete“; click on it to complete the process

Google Chrome

• The settings for this browser can be accessed by clicking on the tiny wrench on the screen. It will be to the right
• You should see a drop down menu at this point which has a choice “tools
• Click on this and a box will appear. You will see the options that says ‘clear browsing data” in it, click on this
• A small dialogue box will now appear. In it, choose the option that reads “Clear saved Autofill form data“.
• Uncheck all other boxes by clicking on them and scroll down to the part of the window where you see the “clear browsing data” tab. Click on this and you will be done.

• In the menu on top of the page, you will see the tab that reads “tools
• Click on this to find “options” in the drop down menu.
• Click on the options and a box will appear with various choices. Find the “clear your recent history” link in blue in it.
• Clicking on this will make another dialogue box appear. From here, you can pick the option which says “form and search” history. Check this box by clicking on it and uncheck all other items.
• As a final step, click on “OK” which can be seen at the end of the screen

Remember that when you delete form data, you will be removing the log in details from all web pages and not just Facebook.

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