How to delete Facebook fanpage

Facebook allows each and every one of us with a Facebook account to create a variety of pages- from a Facebook group to a single fan page. A fan page allows other user to ‘like’ that page, hence, making them fans. Anything you post on that page will float in the newsfeed of every person who has liked the page.

Now, page administrators are provided with a variety of editing options, which include changing profile pictures and covers, adding other administrators and editing information for fan view. Additionally, they also have the ability to delete the page from viewed in its entirety. Your administrative privileges can be used to delete a fan page on the following steps.


– Firstly, log into your Facebook page and go ahead and view your fan page. (You can find it by doing a quick search using the search icon or scrolling through you drop down menu to the left of your personal page until you find it.)

– Select the ‘edit page’ button which can be found to the left of your page, beneath the Fanpage profile photo.

– Then click on the ‘manage permissions’ button which can be found on the left side of the pole.

– A ‘delete’ link will then appear, click on that and then the ‘delete page’ button.

– Select ‘delete page’ again when prompted to confirm that you would like to delete the page.

– After you have done that, the page is deleted from Facebook.


1) Once you have selected the ‘delete page’ button to confirm that you would like to delete your fan page, Facebook gives you exactly two weeks to reinstate the page, of you so desire.

– To reinstate the page, simply view the page due to be delete then select ‘edit page’ which can be found at the top right hand corner of the page; you the select ‘manage permissions’. The ‘Cancel Deletion’ button will come up at the bottom of that page, select it and then confirm and your fan page will be reinstated.

– If you have not reinstated your fan page before the end of the fourteen day period, your page will be deleted permanently from Facebook. The name, of it is not your own, will be available for others to use after this period.

– A popular question is if your actual Facebook profile will be affect, the answer is simply no. Your fan page might be connected to your profile or other pages you might have, however, they are operated separated. Deleting your fan page does nothing to your actual page and you can go ahead an create other fan pages as well.

There are many reasons one would want to delete their Facebook fan page, from,simply out growing it to moving a more lucrative social media strategy to be seen, Follow these simple steps and you will be able to delete your fan page in no time. Just remember that if you change your mind and want to reinstate it, that is possible before the end of the two week grace period Facebook gives you. After that, if is a goner.