How to ask a girl out on Facebook

Social networking has changed the way we do everything including how we pursue a girl you are crushing on. Since millions of users are reported to have Facebook accounts, it is quite easy to find your crush on Facebook rather than following her around until you get the guts to tell her how you feel. However, asking a girl out on Facebook can be quite tricky and frustrating especially if you do not follow certain laid down rules. Here is a step-by-step guide n how to ask a girl out on Facebook.

Introduce yourself

There are different ways to approach this depending on whether you know the girl or not. If you know her, then you are probably friends on Facebook already, if not, just go ahead and send her the request and she will definitely confirm it.

If you are attracted to a girl that you have never met, the first thing you should do is send her a friend request. There is a 99.9 per cent that she will confirm your request, if not maybe there is a reason why she will not and you should just move on.

If she accepts your request, there is a chance that you will receive a message saying something like, “I do not mean to be rude but do I know you from somewhere?” That is okay, just be honest with her. If you have a mutual friend let her know that you know her friend by the name (mention her name) and you would like to know her as well. If you do not have a mutual friend, tell her that you liked her picture and would like to know her better.

Start a conversation daily

It is important to first get to know the girl you are crushing on before asking her out. Also keep in mind that this is Facebook and you will remain a stranger for a little bit longer than if you had met her in person. There is no fun in just saying Hi’, let it be something like, How are you doing today?’ so that there can be a reply and not appear like you are stalking her. First ensure you let her know who you are, where you stay and other basic info so that she can remove you from a stranger to a friend

Keep the conversation going

Once you are done knowing each other, start talking to her about her likes, hobbies, work status, interest, relationship status etc. Take it upon yourself to find out more about her by visiting her info page on her profile. Check the music she likes, TV shows, activities, movies, books as well as where she is from. Also check the groups that she has joined and use this information to keep the conversation going.

Rinse and Repeat

If you end up having really long conversations with her even late in the night, then it is time to finally ask her out. Let it be something like’ Hi, we should meet up some time’ or “What are you up to this weekend? We can hang out together.” If you get a NO do not sound too dejected follow it up with “No problem! Maybe next time.” But there is a better chance of getting exactly what you wanted; a date.