How to know who is stalking you on Facebook

When one is said to be stalking someone, this stalker can be said to have unwanted or obsessive attention towards the person he or she is stalking. This act can also happen in the internet whereby one can have stalkers from al over the world seeing that the world is now a global village. Social media has become part and parcel of our social fabric and it provides the platform for online stalking with Facebook being a prime hub for these stalkers. This article will look to inform you the reader on how to know who is stalking you on Facebook.

If you are a Facebook user and you notice that someone is stalking you, you may want to find out exactly who is the perpetrator. These stalkers use false names and it may be hard to get to identify who exactly he or she is. You may employ the following steps to identify them.

The steps for identifying a stalker for a PC user are that:

1. enter your Facebook account via your computer.
2. you then right click anywhere on the page displayed on the screen
3. from the drop down list select “view page source”
4. then press Control + F and type “orderedfriends”. If this does now seem to work type in “InitialChatFriendsList”
5. now copy the long number that appears first. Just so you don’t miss it, it is more or less similar to (100032277890)
6. paste this number after the Facebook address in the address bar i.e (
7. once you press enter or go whichever the case, you will be able to view the persons who have been to your page.

There are also steps in which a Mac user can take in order to identify any stalker he or she has on Facebook. These steps are are the same but with a slight difference:

1. Go to your Facebook account
2. Right click anywhere on the main page that is displayed
3. click on the option “View Page Source”
4. next, click on Command + F and type “orderedfriends” and if it does not work type in “InitialChatFriendsList”
5. Then copy the first long number that appears which will be similar to (100032277890)
6. paste this number that you have copied to the address bar after the Facebook address. It will be something similar to (
7. Press enter or go and you will be able to see who was viewing your page. This is how you discover your stalker on Facebook.

The methods above are ways in which you can easily identify who has been viewing your profile and the person indicated after following this process might be the person who has been stalking you and causing you distress. There are ways to deal with this stalker once you get to know who it is.

The best way is to politely confront and let them know that you do not like their posts and that they should desist from doing so. Then try to understand what the stalker’s motive is. Should he continue stalking respond with short answers to disinterest him or ignore him depending with how you have perceived the whole situation. The next step would be to block him completely and seek any help that you may require.

This is generally how you would identify who your stalker is in Facebook.