How to remove friend on Facebook

Removing a friend on Facebook or simply called unfriending someone is a feature that is rarely used. In general, Facebook users tend to either block someone or unfollow their feed. These two features seem like a viable solution but unfriending is much more convenient when it comes to cleaning up an account by removing people that more of in the lines of strangers.

Everyone found themselves in the position of looking at the posts from a person and wondering who they are and why they were friended in the first place. Regardless of the reason, unfriending a person can be done in multiple ways depending on the situation and the outcome is the same. Also it is a reversible process like any other account related action on Facebook.

Unfriending One Person

Removing just one person from the friends list can be done directly in the news feed. If someone posts something the option to unfriend him is only a few clicks away. Here’s how to do it:

1. Look at the news feed and search for something posted by the person that needs to be unfriended.
2. Hoover the mouse over his profile picture in the news feed.
3. A new menu will show up that will have 3 buttons at the bottom. Move the mouse over the button that has “Friends” written on it.
4. Another small menu will pop up. Click on the last option tagged as “Unfriend”.
This is a decent way of removing one person but it is not the only way to do it.

Unfriending Multiple People

When cleaning up the account by removing unknown friends it is much better to do it in bulk but not in the news feed but directly in the friends list. It is much easier when the list of all the friends is displayed. Here’s how to do it:

1. Click on your name on the right side of the search bar on the blue menu button from the top of the Facebook page.
2. Your personal profile page will open. Click on the “Friends” button right on the right side of your profile picture.
3. On the new page, all the current friends will be displayed. Look around and identify which individuals need to be removed. Hoover the mouse over the “Friends” button next to the profile picture and name of each person.
4. A new menu will appear. In that menu click on “Unfriend”.
5. To remove multiple people just repeat from step 3.

Both methods work just as well. In fact they both use the same menu and function and the only difference is the way the friends menu is accessed. Depending on the situation, one method might seem much more appropriate than the other. Also, once a person is unfriended everything that they ever posted and showed in the news feed will disappear even if it was posted before the moment when they were unfriended.

Anything else will remain preserved including photo tags and messages. Also if the person needs to be added again this can be done by searching for his name or going to any conversation or photo in which he or she was tagged.