How To Reset Facebook Password

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. For those who have Facebook accounts, you might face the challenge of resetting your password at one point or the other. Here are a few situations that might prompt you to reset your password:

You have forgotten your password

This is probably the most common reason for resetting Facebook passwords. You might find that you have completely forgotten your password and therefore cannot log into your Facebook account. This calls for a password reset in order to have access to your Facebook account.

Your Facebook account has been hacked

Out of the many malicious people out there, one may have managed to hack into your Facebook account. It might be a stranger or even a person you know. Whichever the case, once you notice that your account has been hacked, you should change your password immediately.

You just want to change your password

Another reason for reseting your password is because you simply want to change it. It is advisable to reset your password as often as possible so as to make your account secure. Resetting passwords many times makes it harder for hackers to gain access into your Facebook account.

Regardless of your reasons for resetting your Facebook password, you can use either of these two ways to reset it depending on your situation.

1. Reset your Facebook password when you are not logged in.

In the event where you have forgotten your Facebook password and you are not logged in, follow this steps to reset your password.

  • Step one

Go to the Facebook log in page. You will see a link below the password entry field written “Forgot your password? Or Can’t log in?”. Click on this link.

  • Step Two

After clicking the link mentioned in step one, you will be redirected to another page. Select the options that reads “I forgot my password” then click next.

  • Step Three

On the next page that opens, you should enter the CAPTCHA in order to prove that you are human. This is usually to prevent automated computer hacking attempts.Enter the email address or phone number that you use to log in to your Facebook account then press continue.

Facebook will ask you to confirm whether you would like to reset your password. By clicking “Reset my Password”, you agree to to receive the link for resetting your Facebook password.

  • Step Four

Go to your email or phone and copy the confirmation code. Paste it in the field given on Facebook reset password page. Click submit once you are done.

In a case where you have forgotten your password too, click the link that says “No longer have access to these?”. Follow the directions given to receive necessary help and eventually reset your password.

  • Step Five

You have now confirmed that you are the rightful owner of the specified Facebook account. Facebook now allows you to reset your password.

2. Reset your Facebook password when you are logged in

If you want to reset your password while having logged in to your Facebook account, it is quite easy. Simply go to the Facebook settings option and change your password. That’s it!

Resetting your Facebook password is as easy as that. Please note that you cannot retrieve your old Facebook password. You can only reset it to a new one.