How to stop Facebook notifications on Gmail

Facebook allows you to stay connected with friends and family and lets you keep abreast with their status updates and the ensuing comments through numerous notifications. These notifications appear on your Facebook account as well as the Gmail account linked to it.

Depending on the number of friends and how active they are on Facebook, the number of notification in your Gmail account inbox can be quite overwhelming. It is quite perplexing having to sift through thousands of Facebook notifications in your Gmail account in order to get to work related emails.

In order to prevent crowding your inbox, Facebook has provisions that allow the users to select the number and type of notifications that sent to your email address. Such options not only help to clean up your Gmail inbox, but let you keep informed of what your family and friends are up to without overcrowding your space.You also have an option of selection the type of notifications you wish to receive in your email inbox. But if you wish to, you can stop all notifications from Facebook from reaching your email account, with the exceptions of important security updates.

In order to achieve this piece of mind, one needs to have the knowledge on how to stop Facebook notifications on Gmail account. To their credit, Facebook provides a simple and easy to follow procedure to turn off these notifications.

To start off, log in to your Facebook account through your preferred internet browser.

After logging in, on the blue menu bar that contains tabs such as home and finds friends, click on the inverted triangle Icon, on the right hand side of the screen. This opens a drop down menu detailing out various options.

On the drop down menu, select the ‘settings’ option which is next to the ‘log out’ option.

The ‘settings’ option opens on the same window. The first option displayed on the left panel of the page is the ‘general setting’ which displays the ‘general account setting’ in the middle of the screen when using a computer.

On the narrow menu strip on the left edge of the screen, select the ‘notifications’ tab which opens the ‘notification settings’ menu in the middle of the screen.

Under the headline ‘How you get notifications’, click on the ‘Edit’ option found on the Email tab. The tab expands to give you a gray background with a list of three options.

Select the third option ‘Only notifications about your account, security and privacy’

Click on ‘turn off’ button on the screen that pops up with the question ‘Turn off all other notifications?’

Scroll to the bottom of the gray background and click on the button labeled ‘close’.

Click on the ‘home’ tab to get back to your Facebook home page and connect with your friends.

With these changes, your Gmail account will no longer be inundated with Facebook notifications when your friends and family post their status updates, photos or comments. But your inbox will no longer be featuring thousands of emails not that you know how to stop Facebook notifications on Gmail account. In case you change your mind and wish to receive notifications, you can just as easily modify the notification options to suit your needs.