How To Talk To A Girl On Facebook

Facebook is certainly a good platform to chat with a girl especially if you are so conversant with social media. However, the success in your chat will depend on how you approach and do everything. Some of the chats might turn futile at initial stages while others can even lead to something serious like a romantic relationship.

Here are simple steps on how to talk to a girl on Facebook:

#Step 1: Select A Perfect Match

Choosing the ideal girl to chat with is indispensable. It might interest you to know that the kind of girl you chose from the beginning determines the direction that your chat will take. The tricky bit is that you are bound to come across a lot of girls on Facebook. This means that you must keep your eyes focused not to make the wrong choice. A girl with the most appealing profile and, of course, one who is attractive in appearance should be considered.

#Step 2: Send A Friend Request

It is never a great idea to start a chat with someone who is not even your friend on Facebook. The same case applies for those who are in the hunt for girls in the same platform. Once you are done with the selection quest, it is now time to show interest in her by sending a friend request.

There are cases where your friend request may not be accepted. This should not be taken personally though. There are so many reasons which could have compelled her not to accept your friend request, strangeness being one of them. In such a case, you are left with no choice other than searching for another girl. Some girls may opt to know who you are before approving your request. In such an occurrence, you must be very honest since it is one of the promising ways to win her initial trust.

#Step 3: Set The Spark

If you are so privileged to have your friend request approved by the girl of your interest, then you should not waste time before starting your chat. However, the starting point of your chat is very critical and must be handled as such. Instead of starting off with a long message, going simple and short will work better. Remember it is not a game of impressing the girl with your heavy grammar. Simple does it better.

Salutation should be your first move when starting a chat. This should help you know how interested the girl is. It is also a way of knowing if she is the formal or informal type. A statement like “how are you” or just “hi” is enough to set the spark.

#Step 4: Introduce Yourself

The truth is that you might not move a step further is you opt to remain strangers to each other. In this regard, you should take the initiative and request for a simple introduction between you and the girl. Of course, you (the man) should go first since you are the aggressor. It is advised that you leave no details about you unearthed when introducing yourself to her. This, however, does not mean that you should show off. Keeping it friendly is the way to go.

#Step 5: Show Interest and Ask Her Out

Once you are done with the introduction bit and other basic things, it is now time to take things a step ahead. This time, the basic aim should be putting clear your interest in her. You can say, “I feel like I already know you enough. Will it be fine if we hanged out together someday?” Such a polite request will certainly yield a positive response.