How To Turn Off Facebook Chat On iPad

Initially, the only way one could access Facebook was via a personal computer or a laptop. However, rapid changes in the world of technology have brought about the development of a wide range of technological devices that can access the internet. Such devices include android phones, IOS/iPhones, tablets and other types of mobile phones. With all these devices being in wide use, it is only fair that access to Facebook is made easier by developing Facebook apps for the devices. The layout of these Facebook apps may be a little bit different from your normal desktop Facebook view but once you get the hang of it, they are quite easy to navigate.

For those who have the Facebook iPad app, you can agree with me that it is very easy to operate. You can easily read posts, comment on posts and even chat with your friends. However, there are this moments when you don’t feel like being nagged and you just want to turn off Facebook chat. You frantically search for the option that turns off the chat and you simply cannot find it. Just calm down, it is very simple to do this. Follow this steps on how to turn off Facebook chat on iPad and your problem will be solved instantly.

How to turn off Facebook chat on iPad

1. Open the Facebook app on your iPad.

2. Open the sidebar that usually shows the list of friends you can chat with. The sidebar can be opened by swiping your finger from right to left on the screen of your iPad. An even easier way to open the sidebar is to hold your iPad in a horizontal manner and the sidebar will appear automatically.

3. Scroll all the way to the top right corner and click on the gear icon which represents settings.

4. From the list of options that appear, tap on the “Turn off chat” option. If you don’t see this option, look for the “Go offline option and click on it.

The steps mentioned above only turn off Facebook chat temporarily. The next time you log in to the Facebook iPad app, you will find that chat is back on. To permanently turn off chat on your app, you will also have to turn chat off using a browser on your iPad or laptop. Here are the steps.

  • Step one

Log in to Facebook using an appropriate browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet explorer or Safari, if you are using a personal computer or a laptop. Safari will work best if you choose to log in using your iPad.

  • Step two

Go to the bottom left corner on the screen and click on the gear shaped icon.

  • Step three

Choose the “Turn off chat” option.

It is important to note that, for you to permanently turn off chat on your Facebook iPad app, you have turn it off on the app first and then turn it off on the browser and not the other way round. This way, no one will see that you are online when you are using the Facebook app on your iPad.