How to use emoji on Facebook

Facebook has revolutionized the way people do emoji. While emojis aren’t exactly a new trend (they were already standard fare in online forums and chatrooms), Facebook elevated these little icons and symbols into an art form. The site literally has hundreds of emojis that people can use to express themselves or even full out communicate with their friends on the site.

If you haven’t fully realized the impact of Facebook’s emojis yet, here are a few steps to get you started.

Using Emojis in Facebook Messages and Comments

There are various ways with which you can insert emojis onto your messages in Facebook.

1. You can do it the old fashioned away with character combos. For example, the symbols “🙂” will automatically conjure a smiling or happy emoji. Facebook accepts lots of character combos for emojis/emoticons, even for more obscure ones like this “(^^^)” which will output a small emoticon of a hungry shark. If you want a complete list of all the emojis that you can output through character combos, you can search for “Facebook emoticon list” on Google.

2. Here’s the easier option for emojis. Look at the right side of your message window. You’ll notice two small icons there: a camera icon and a small smiley face. The camera allows you to attach images to your message, while the smiley face gives you (surprise!) a graphical list of all the emojis that you can possibly use. Not only do you get the basic emoticons that people know off (like the aforementioned smiley face), you’ll also get a huge number of cute icons that you can use to express yourself. These icons are segregated into themed sets; some of the most popular ones include the Pusheen cat icons and Tuzki. What’s great about these things is that some of them are actually animated and fun to look at.

Using Emojis in Your Status

The process for inserting emojis into messages and statuses are pretty similar, but there’s a great feature that Facebook added a couple of years ago that people really enjoy using.

1. When you click on the “What’s on your mind?” box, you’ll find a series of icons on the bottom that will allow you to geolocate, add images, tag people, and insert emoticons. Obviously, the icon for inserting emojis is the smiley face. Click on that to get started.

2. Instead of a graphical list of emojis, you’ll be presented with a series of phrases such as “feeling…” “listening to…” “looking for…” and others. If you click on one of these phrases, another drop down box will pop up that will show some of the popular choices for that particular phrase (e.g. “watching for…” can conjure choices of some popular movies like Hunger Games and the Avengers that you’re friends might have watched, while “traveling to…” will conjure a list of popular places that they have visited recently). Click on any item that properly shows what you’re feeling or doing, or alternatively, write one of your own. Facebook will append the phrase to the bottom of your status message and also insert a proper emoji to go along with it.